Creadible and valuable KYC verifications  

G23 is a unique digital platform that helps companies to simplify the compliance process and stay safe. We safeguard your data, you get complete digitalization of the KYC/AML procedures with credible and valuable verifications for your business. Secure ID verification and sharing service of selected data on your terms.

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Secure your business with compliance made easy

G23 is a unique digital platform that helps companies stay compliant. The service provides processes that deliver KYC/AML that leverage a global legal leading asset register.The verifications that G23 provide are shareable; this optimises the business that you complete with your customers, partners, suppliers and government entities. All data is safeguarded and you have complete control over who you share it with and when.

G23 verification

Your business gets Verification thanks to a digitally simplyfied KYC/AML check that are validated with government, banks and  financial institutions.

Safe and cost efficient

With the G23 verification you can easily store information and share the verifications plus asset data to financial institutions and business partners. 

How can we help you?

We believe that companies will be more safe and secure by having control of their important data. We also believe that the power of data should be in the hands of the users.  Your ID/KYC information and share register data are only shared with the companies and services you use, in a simple way and completely on your terms.

The benefits of G23 are:

- Verification can be automated (complete once, use many times) which saves cost.

- You control your company asset data

- Reduce risk of involvement with money laundering

- Reducing risk of involvement with corruption

- Reducing risk of involvement with financing terrorist organizations 


Digital proactive security.



Know Your Client/Customer. It refers to the control processes and safeguards that are made to validate identities frequently used in the financial sector. KYC is a set of due diligence measures taken by an institution to identify clients and the motives behind their financial activities. These policies are an important part of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism systems.


Stands for "Politically Exposed Person" If you have been a PEP or a known employee or family member of a PEP in the last 18 months, this means that we must request more information about you, in order to better control and assess the risk from a money laundering perspective.


Know your supplier. Know your supplier is part of the requirement to be in control of your company's business relationships. You are required by law to verify, establish its identity and authenticity. This is to prevent money laundering and terrorist financining.



Ultimate Beneficial Owner. According to the Money Laundering Act, companies covered by the act are obliged to verify the identity of the so-called "beneficial owner". What is a beneficial owner? A beneficial owner is the person or persons who ultimately own or control, for example, a company or association. A beneficial owner can also be the person or persons who benefit from someone else acting for them.


Know Your Business refers to the due diligence review of a business that a company is dealing with. AML regulations require that checks are carried out on any potential business customer to establish its identity and authenticity. This is to help prevent money laundering or terrorist financing activities.


Money laundering is a form of financial crime. It involves taking illegally obtained income, hiding where it comes from and making them appear legal. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) aims at the regulatory framework that banks and financial institutions follow to actively monitor and report suspicious activities.


"Our members want to do the right thing for themselves. FAR has expressed requests for more guidance in the decisions so that members understand what is required." 

Maria Lants

Chief legal officer, the Association of Autorized Auditors (FAR)


"Several authorities must sharpen their work against financial crime and money laundering" 

Elisabeth Svantesson

Minister of Finance, Sweden

"Important to stop companies being used as crime tools"

Katrin Westling Palm

General Directo of the Swedish Tax Agency


Number of suspected money laundring reports in Sweden 2022

13 000 000 000

Money laundered in the Swedish financial system per year in Euro


 Billion USD is annually laundered globally, the UN estimates

Digital verification to simplify your compliance process.


Verifications and reporting tools for your business to stay compliant.