How to create your verification.

G23 is a unique digital platform that helps companies simplify the compliance process and stay secure.

Step 1: Registration and ID verification

  • Find the six-digit company code you received in the letter from your business partner to log in.
  • You then accept the terms and conditions of the agreement and confirm that you have the power of attorney to create and manage the company's account.
  • You must register with your email address and mobile number.

Step 2: Create the company´s share ledger

  • Once you have completed the registration, G23 will provide a link to NVR (the digital share ledger) - please click on this link.
  • You will then be taken through a simple process to add information.
  • When all information is filled in, you will be registered as an  administrator of the company's share ledger. 
  • You will then answer two simple questions regarding PEP and sanctions.
  • A separate email will be sent out to your registered email address as a confirmation.

Step 3: Issue company verification

  • Company verifications documents are produced following the shareholder registration.
  • These are now on your G23 dashboard and, where appropriate,  a request from your business partner to share it with them.
  • The documents are pdfs of the company's G23 verification and shareholder detail.

Easy to share your verifications

The G23 dashboard allows you to share your verification as and when you see fit. This saves you and your business partner both time and money while providing a single source of truth.

Reliable. Unique. Safe.

Your ID/KYC information and share holder data are only shared with the companies and services you use via a simplified process that you control.

Your verifications and share ledger are important documents that are secure in G23.


All registered data from Companies House, Board of Directors, SNI code, Ownership, Shareholders and company structure. All important information as needed by the tax authorities to simplify your business partners KYC request about your company.

All data plus your given shareholder information is validated by official recognized data checked in sanction and PEP lists (UN and EU)

Data need to be checked annually, in line with AML standards.

A digitally generated Verification – taken from credible data sources with KYC and UBO